The many uses of Caimon Oil

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  • "My 15 year old daughter has used Caimon to help with her acne. We HAVE SEEN A huge improvement with her complexion and confidence."

    Chris H.

  • "I had a very painful pimple like bump on my back for over three days. A friend informed me that it resembled staph. I put two drops of alligator oil on it and in hours it was gone completely."


  • "My son has scarring on his legs from mosquito bites that really started to make him self-conscious. I used Caimon on his scars for a few weeks and noticed a huge difference in his skin tone, the scars had faded and his skin looks much more even. I highly recommend this product for anyone struggling with scarring and uneven skin tone"

    Betsy A.

  • "I have suffered with ECZEMA under my eyes for years. My doctor told me to use hydrocortisone. Unfortunately, hydrocortisone brought great discomfort. After another breakout, I decided to use Caimon Oil. Immediately my skin felt moist and soft. After about 12 hours, my breakout was completely gone. I will never use hydrocortisone, Caimon Oil is my go to"


  • "I think that your customers deserve to hear about your company and how you truly stand behind your customers. It’s astonishing to me, this day and age, that I would find people like you whose dedication to customer service have inspired me so profoundly, that I decided to look after my customers as if they were my own kin (which I suppose they are). You created an UPWARD SPIRAL. And although the oil didn’t appear to help much with my complex lesion, you and Caimon Oil created a memorably inspiring event in my life. You have my sincere gratitude and I wish you much success"

    Craig F.

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