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Our Story

For generations, the Cajuns of South Louisiana have lived and thrived in some of the harshest, most dangerous environments by taking advantage of natural medicines sourced right from the land. Their instinct for natural survival was fostered while living right alongside the American alligator. They have witnessed alligators fighting in the murky swamps for food and territory. The gators often take terrible damage to their bodies and skin, only to rapidly heal and reenter the fight for survival.

Have you ever wondered what makes this animal so resilient to challenges that would be the end of most other creatures? The answer is in their DNA. Scientists at Louisiana State University have confirmed the gator’s ability to survive harsh conditions is all due to their powerful DNA. Their bodies have the natural ability to heal quickly despite terrible wounds and repel some of nature’s most brutal toxins. The natural emollients in their fat provide this unique ability to recover from life threatening injuries, and to survive and even thrive in the harshest of conditions.

Do you want that kind of protection for your skin? Well, now you can! Caimón Oil is carefully purified and refined so you too can harness the alligator’s uncanny ability to heal worn, damaged skin. With an added hint of Vitamin E and essential lavender, this oil is just what your skin and hair craves for a luminously healthy appearance. Try it on troublesome nail fungus or bothersome acne, soothe cuts and scrapes, or use it daily to refresh, rejuvenate and protect your skin and hair. Caimón Oil is the healing power of the gator… bottled!

How To Use

Caimón Oil is very simple to use. Just put a drop on and spread it around. It is highly transdermal (penetrates the skin) and will leave your skin feeling clean and smooth in minutes. You can also use a cotton swab to apply it to the skin.

Each bottle of Caimón Oil comes with a dropper and an additional atomizer (sprayer) for applying on larger areas. You will find that just a drop will cover a large area.

Many customers will put a few drops in their bath. The Alligator Oil goes to work filling the craving your skin has while the lavender soothes you into a relaxing state.

Add some Caimón Oil into your daily shampoo routine for healthier and shinier hair with a happy scalp.

Caimón Oil comes in a 1 ounce bottle which you will find is plenty as the oil spreads very well. Remember, “Just a Drop Will Do Ya.”