Madi's Story

July 2016 I had my hair fall out with some pieces of scalp attached (due to fusion extensions tape in extensions every 2-3 months from age 18-26 along with dyeing it from jet black blonde and various other colors. The chemicals used to remove my tape in extensions caused bleeding and burns and I was forced to shave my head as a result.

Thing happened July 30 and school started back on August 13th. I did not know if I would be able to return to school I was devastated and scared. 

Madi's Before Photographs show the devastating effect of the chemical burns on her scalp :
 Madi's scalp before Caimon Oil Madi's scalp before Caimon Oil Madi's scalp before Caimon Oil
Madi's after photographs, once she started the application of Caimon OIl :
 Madi's shortly after starting Caimon Oil Madi's fully healed scalp and hair regrowth to full length after application of Caimon Oil