Nannette's Story

Since we last spoke I had serious foot surgery. I had my foot cut open, 2 inches of bone length shaved down and a graft in a major joint fused with a cadaver  bone.

For the first 2 weeks I had no access to my foot thru all the bandages and splint. After that, I was put into a cast with an opening at the end where my toes were. To help speed my progress - what did I do????? Use your Caimon Oil thru the opening of the cast of course!

Here’s a photo showing you the HUGE difference Caimon Oil made in the healing process and scarring. I could not reach the incision thru the cast, but I did push the dropper in at the opening of my cast and would squeeze out as much as I could in the little bit of slack space near the toe. It obviously reached the first one inch of the incision.

Refer to my photo and see where the black edge of the tape measurer is, that is where the incision started. The first inch shows the incision is all healed PLUS you can hardly even see where the incision scar started. This is also a great product for scaring. I am sure some of the oil (very little) probably dripped down some to the rest of the incision.

So you can imagine if none of the oil had dripped down, then the results would be even more dramatic! My foot for the next 6 weeks is in “The Big Black Boot” which I can remove to put your oil on the whole incision to speed my healing. The cast very much inflamed and bruised the top of my foot and ankle. I am going to be using your oil to help with the swelling of the inflammation along with bruising.

I start physical therapy December 1st and can’t wait to hear what the therapist thinks about my quick healing. I hope he is not too hard on me since my foot looks so good -


P.S. - Take a 2nd look! Don't you think the top inch of the incision is unbelievable compared to the 2nd inch? The scar really did start at the top of the tape at the black edge.